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Find Out What Shade Suits You The Most

Let’s admit it. We all have a bunch of lipsticks in our vanity, makeup bag and handbag. There are certain lipsticks you’d use all the time and there are certain lipsticks that you don’t even look at, that are always just there for years and you are not willing to get rid of them either. You stop using them for numerous reasons and the most common reasons would be “I bought the wrong shade” or “The shade doesn’t suit me well”. We all have the designated shades of lipstick that we use every day for work, special occasions and so on because we are too afraid to try out other shades of lipsticks to avoid the risk of getting the wrong shade that doesn’t suit us. Wanna avoid this hassle and try out new shades for a change? Here are some useful tips on how to choose lipstick shades that suit you the most. In Velvet Vanity, we are proud to have our liquid matte lipsticks line with variety of shades that complement all skin tones, you just gotta choose the right ones! 


Swatches of Liquid Matte Lipsticks from Velvet Vanity. Our shade range compliments all skin tones.

Know your undertone  

Undertones are generally divided into three which are warm, cool or neutral. Undertones do not only play an important role in choosing your foundations and concealers, but it is also essential in choosing lipstick shades. Knowing your undertone helps in identifying the lipstick shades that are best for you. Here are the easiest ways of identifying your undertone. First, go to a well-lit place or outdoor and take a look at your veins on your wrist. What colour are they? If the veins look green, you have warm undertone (yellow) and if the veins look blue, then you have cool undertone (pink). If your vein looks like a mixture of both green and blue, then you have a neutral undertone. Here is another way of identifying your undertone. Hold a gold and a silver jewelry near your face. Put your personal preferences aside and assess which jewelry look good on your skin. If you look good with the gold jewelry then, you have a warm undertone. If you look good with the silver jewelry, then you have a cool undertone. If you look good with both, you have a neutral undertone. Choosing lipstick based on undertone also helps in bringing out your facial features and make your overall look livelier!

Identify which shade goes well with your undertone  

If you have a warm undertone, stick to warm colours and if you have a cool undertone, stick to shades with blue and purple tones.

Recommended Velvet Vanity Matte Liquid Lipstick shade as per undertone:

  • Warm undertone: Smash Hit, Mr. West, Peach Perfect, Take Me Out, Slamberry (all warm shades)
  • Cool Undertone: Florescence, Cheap Thrills, Legit, Homegirl, Shook, In Bloom

Model with warm undertone wearing liquid matte lipstick in ‘Take Me Out’.


Our Liquid Matte Lipstick in ‘Homegirl’ looks stunning on someone who has a cool undertone.  (Photo credit: @yasmeenrazak)

If the undertone game doesn’t go right, then choose shades based on your skin tone!  

Identify your skin tone and see which shade suits you the best. Lipstick shades that look great on people with fair skin are light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colours. Meanwhile rose, berry, cherry red, and mauve lipstick colours look pretty on medium skin tone. For tan skin tone go for a coral, deep pink or a bright red shade. Lipstick shades that suit a dark and deep dark skin tone best are brown and purple shades like plum, caramel, wine, and dark reds. Its best to avoid anything too light or too nude. Deep shades are always best to bring out your features. 

Recommended Velvet Vanity Matte Liquid Lipstick shades as per skin tone

  • Fair and medium: Almost all shades.
  • Tan, dark, deep dark: Mr. West, Take Me Out, Shook, Legit, Smash Hit.

Our Liquid Matte Lipstick in ‘Legit’ looks bomb on dark skin tone.

(Photo credit: @dayanazizi)

Liquid Matte Lipstick in ‘Florescence’ on a babe with medium skin tone. (Photo credit: @michelleheidi_)

Our deep berry Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade ‘Shook’ looking bomb on a dark skin tone. (Photo credit: @makeupbyshima)

Bonus tips: Choosing your lipstick based on the size of your lips.  

If you have really thin lips, try to avoid any shade that’s too dark or extravagant as these shades will make your lips look even more thinner than it already is. If you have super thick lips, try to avoid any shades that are too light or too nude because these shades will exaggerate your lip size by making them look even bigger. If you think your lips size are of normal size, then you’re good to slay any shades that you like!

Despite all the existing which-shade-suits-you-the-most rules, always remember that you can rock any shade confidently no matter what your undertone or skin tone is. At the end of the day, it’s up to your taste and personal preference on which shade you wanna rock in. Wear what makes you happy. Confidence is key!

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