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My First Experience Using Velvet Vanity Products


Photo: Courtesy of Christine Wong - @likefoolsinlove on Instagram

I had always been a little intimidated by liquid lipsticks. I felt like perhaps I wasn’t skilled enough in makeup application to use anything that would be long-lasting, especially if the product was extremely pigmented. But I was given the opportunity to interview Adlina Nadirah, founder of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics, for my job at BFM, and she provided samples of (at the time) all nine shades she had to offer. So began my personal obsession with Velvet Vanity’s lip products!

Packaging and Shade Names

Initially, what I was struck by was the clean, neat packaging. The boxes were a vibrant shade of teal with bright pink lettering, and it reminded me of neon highlighters or paint, especially with the brush-stroke font that read “Velvet Vanity”. I also loved the little hole at the bottom of the box that allowed you to read the name of the shade of lipstick you were holding. Then I had to look at the shade names, and they took a slightly different approach than other cosmetics brands - instead of trying to describe the exact shade or colour, they were pop-culture or millennial slang references like “Cheap Thrills” and “Legit”. I quite enjoyed that, as it felt like a fresh approach to branding.

Shade Colours and Texture


Photo: Courtesy of Christine Wong - @likefoolsinlove on Instagram

Speaking of the shades, the bright packaging had me convinced that the lipstick colours would be a lot brighter as well. To my pleasant surprise, the shades available were a variety of relatively nude or neutral colours. I found myself gravitating towards the more brown-toned shades, like “Cheap Thrills” (pictured first from top) and “Mr. West” (pictured fourth from top) at first, but over time I’ve started using the more orange/peach-toned shades as well, like “Peach Perfect” (pictured fourth from bottom) and “Smash Hit” (pictured last). Quick note: since my first experience with Velvet Vanity, several more shades have been released including my now personal favourite, “Homegirl”, but as they were not part of my initial experience they are not pictured above.

I was also pleased by how easy application was - the formula of the lipsticks was smooth and creamy, and it was easy to correct mistakes or re-apply without much fuss. As a bonus, they smell AMAZING - the moment you open a bottle, you get this strong whiff of chocolate that is almost appetising (if not for the fact that you shouldn’t eat your lipstick…) I found that Velvet Vanity was a seamless transition for me from regular matte lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, so if anyone else is looking to make the switch, this is a good starting point.

Takeaway and Tips

Photo: Courtesy of Christine Wong - @likefoolsinlove on Instagram

If you’re a newbie to the world of liquid lipsticks, or you prefer more neutral or nude tones that are still varied and very pigmented, Velvet Vanity is a brand that won’t let you down. I really appreciate that each and every shade works on different skin tones or different undertones, and that you can easily re-apply without feeling like your lips are getting dry or cracked. While the day I got to interview Adlina Nadirah was my first experience with Velvet Vanity products, it certainly wasn’t the last, and I continue to follow the new shades and collections with eager eyes and a quickly-emptying wallet!

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